What you can expect from my team and me

“Julie is a dream to work with as a wedding planner, and to be around in general. Her work is so effortlessly beautiful and has a dreamy, romantic feeling.”- Reagan of Reagan Events

I believe in complete collaboration with you and the entire vendor team, to create a relaxed, effortless experience for the couple and their honored guests. With a mindset of going over and beyond to achieve the highest level of wedding experience for the couple, my team and I vow to deliver an ultra-luxury level of service at every touch point. Beautiful photos are a given at this level, but our professional, calm, team-minded, light-hearted approach is what sets up apart.

I understand that the details & timing are incredibly important

My team and I go over and beyond for you to capture the best, true-to-life color detail shots for you and your portfolio. I understand the importance of capturing that “exact shade of celadon green tablecloth” that you worked so hard to perfect. My goal is to capture and deliver as most true to life color as possible, always. We add in our own magic, but we work closely with you on a shot list to make sure we capture every detail you have worked tirelessly to perfect. And we do it at lightening quick speed, understanding the importance of keeping to the schedule that you have so expertly designed. 

Using digital, film and drone photography, we are able to find the best angles and perspectives to showcase your work.

I started as an interior designer, so I have an “interiors” mindset when photographing an event space. No detail will be missed.

fun fact on timing: One of my college professors once said to me, “Julie, I know you will be successful because you finish projects and you get them done quickly, quicker than anyone else I’ve ever met!” I bring that effortless, get-it-done energy to all of the events I am honored to be a part of.







Calm, Cool, & Collected, Always

With over 17 years of destination wedding experience, you can say I’ve seen my fair share of “unplanned” things happen on a wedding day. Rest assured that I understand the importance of staying relaxed under pressure. My team and I roll with the punches and stay cool, calm and collected no matter what may come our way. You will never know, by looking at us, if the bride’s dress just ripped before walking down the aisle. We are photographers, but we are also really great at problem solving with you, staying on task and conveying a relaxed vibe so our clients and their guests can enjoy their day without worry!




Next day sneak peeks

They are a yes for me! I get so much joy delivering next day sneak peeks to you, the wedding planner, and to my couples. It’s fun to get those amazing reactions on the heels of each incredible day of the event.  I use cutting edge technology to be able to deliver the high-quality photos quickly and easily.

I love being able to deliver next day peeks to my couples so they can relive the days with their loved ones still present.



Maybe we haven't worked together yet?


Let’s jump on a quick call! You probably have some concerns, understandably. I would as well. You and your client’s reputation are at stake. You’ve never worked with me and have no idea how I will react under certain circumstances. I understand that trusting a “new to you” photographer with your client’s ultra-luxury destination wedding is a big deal, to say the least. I want you to know that I am here to listen and to address any concerns you may have about working with my team and me. I am more than happy to deliver references from past wedding planner collaborations. Even though I am almost two decades in, I realize that there is always room for growth. I will always be open to learning more ways I can be a better team player for you and am always open to insights on how to deliver an even higher level of service to my couples and vendor team.



READY TO move forward?

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